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Nokia Lumia 800 (Hands On)

The Lumia in all its Glory

So its been a while since I’ve posted anything on here and it looks like I have failed my New Years resolution of posting once a week. In my defence I have recently started a new job and to say I have been busy would be a bit of an understatement.

Enough about me, the Nokia Lumia now makes its second (overdue) appearance on my blog but this time I was lucky enough to really get to grips with it. My first post on the Lumia looked at Nokia’s current position in the smartphone market and whether or not the Lumia could do enough to bring Nokia back into the forefront of the mobile market. Since then the Lumia 800 seems to be doing pretty well and the range has expanded to a further 3 phones. The Lumia 610, 710 and the 900 But for now we’ll stil to the former.

On opening the iPhone style box I was greeted with the matte black Nokia in all its glory. It comes in a variety of vibrant colours and now a white version has been released, all of which are made from ink injected polycarbonate so no chance of a scratched phone here. I must say the matte finish is something that really catches the eye. The 3.7 inch AMOLED screen seamlessly integrates into the body of the phone which makes for a very attractive bit of kit. In the palm of the hand the device feels at home, despite the design being totally different to anything else on the market. The Lumia comes with a black case (shown top left) which tightly encases the body of the phone and aligns perfectly with the glass, almost as if its not there. Small features like this really add to the both the looks and functionality of the phone. The Sim card opening and headphone jack can all be found at the top of the phone (bottom left), the phone requires a micro-sim which neatly slides into place.  Its safe to say the Nokia is pleasing to the eye but does it have the performance to match the looks?

As you already know Nokia have chosen the Windows OS for this phone, this is the first time Nokia abandoned there own symbian operating system and decided to put $250 million in Bill Gate’s pocket instead. The Windows OS is completely new to me and I was somewhat surprised with the sleek, tile-like layout. It is intuitive and built with the end user in mind. All the features are fairly self explanatory and I must say it feels good to use. The lumia’s honest design goes hand in hand with this system but there are some drawbacks. The major issue for apple fans will most definetly be the app-store. Although steadily growing it still cannot compete with even the Android market place let alone Apple’s equivalent. For me personally the whole package works well, the OS compliments the design of the lumia and I found it both simple to use aswell as having enough features to keep me entertained. Particually the ‘people’ feature which links everything about a contact under one heading, i.e twitter, facebook etc. The transition between pages and apps is seamless and complimets the tile like layout.

Nokia have stuck by Carl Zeiss for the 8mp camera which comes with auto-focus and 2x LED flash, HD video can also be recorded from this phone. Nokia phones have always had  good cameras and this is no exception.

Potential drawbacks include no front facing camera, so no video calling here, but really who has ever actually used a front facing camera for anything other than looking at themselves? Like the iPhone the battery is not replaceable which may be an issue for some people but with no access to the internals of the phone comes a seamless design, I know which one I would rather have…

I think its clear Nokia have made a smartphone that stands out from the crowd and definitely rivals some of todays top end smart phones. The question I asked myself when first seeing this phone was simple, is this enough to bring nokia back into the spotlight? I would now safely say the answer to that question is a resounding yes… Thanks for reading.

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